Best Arcade Driving Games

Racing and driving games provide players with an amazing thrill and many of these games are so realistic and enhanced that they often feel like they are virtual games. With arcade driving games, players will be in control of the vehicle, can compete in various races around the world, customize their cards and racetracks, create racing teams and so much more. Over the years racing games have been greatly enhanced and today, the graphics and animations found in the games are amazing. With breath-taking scenes, well-known tracks and even the chance to drive as a professional race car driver, players from all over the globe have gotten their thrills from arcade driving and racing games. These games test the skills and reactions of players and they can be very exhilarating, causing an extreme adrenaline rush. Arcade driving games are among the most popular played by gamers of all ages and these games can be played on consoles, desktops, handheld video game devices, mobile phones and tablets and online for free.

Types of Arcade Driving Games

When it comes to racing and driving games, there are a number of genres and over the years, these games have offered hours of thrills for players everywhere. Racing simulation games are preferred by many as these are the most realistic of all arcade driving games. These games make use of real racing leagues and license real cars to use in the game. The controls of the vehicle and the physics are a huge factor for gamers and these games are so close to the real thing. As players engage in simulation driving games, they will learn driving techniques and racing manoeuvres that will be used throughout the gaming experience. The majority of these types of games are designed for those that have a great skill for driving and many of the games can be customized.

Arcade driving games are a bit different from simulation games as they have physics that are much more liberal. In simulation driving games, players will be required to control the car as if they were truly driving, so they will slow down when taking corners. With arcade driving games, many titles will actually encourage higher speeds and will allow players to drift through turns. These games remove the precision used with simulation games and focus strictly on the racing aspect. One of the great arcade driving games of all time is OutRun, a game that was featured in land-based arcades and on many early video game consoles. OutRun was a third-person driving game where players would control a Ferrari. The goal of the game was to reach a destination in a certain amount of time.

Kart Racing games are also a great choice and these are a bit more modern and incorporate a video game feel. With kart racing games, there are simple driving mechanics and players will be avoiding obstacles, collecting power-ups, using weapons and more. These games are often based on cartoons or characters from other platform games, such as Mario Brothers. This type of arcade driving game offers a typical arcade experience instead of the realism in simulation and arcade driving games.

Top NASCAR Games

There have been many amazing NASCAR games developed over the years and these games offer realism, thrills and endless driving action. NASCAR themed games have become the most played arcade driving games offered and there have been some top titles that are still enjoyed by players today. NASCAR Racing 2003 was a top seller and a huge hit for driving fame and this game was pretty advanced. It offered a simulator experience where players could take on the role of professional drivers. NASCAR '07 is also a great game and this game allowed players to compete in modified races like the Xfinity and Camping World Trucks. It also included the majority of the pro racers that race at these locations. Players could race on fantasy tracks and road courses from Daytona and Talladega. Perhaps the best NASCAR game to be developed was NASCAR The Game: Inside Line. This game offered amazing custom and paint schemes that made the game realistic.

Formula 1 Racing Games

While NASCAR has an incredible following, many racing fans prefer F1 and there have been some great games over the years that allow players to engage in driving action. F1 2012 was one of the best video games designed and it offers the chance to race as 24 different drivers. The game offers intimate details on cars and tracks and players could progress in competitiveness as well as ability. The preferred title for F1 fans is F1 2017. This game was based on the true 2017 season and offered 20 circuits, 20 drivers and 10 different teams. With commentaries by Anthony Davidson and David Croft, F1 2017 features a management mode for teams. The game also offers a competition where players can design a racing helmet and winning designs are included in the game. This game was the ninth F1 racing game to be offered by Codemasters and it is still one of the most played arcade driving games of all time. While other F1 and NASCAR games are realistic and enjoyable, nothing has compared to what the F1 2017 game has to offer.

In addition to great console games, there are some amazing arcade driving games that feature F1 races and drivers that can be played for free online. Games like F1 Racing Champ, Super Race F1 and F1 Racing Challenge all feature the popular racers from Formula 1 and allow players to take part in some of the greatest car races to ever be driven.